Professionals, perfectionists...

... refreshingly different

Welcome to Hexagon Print, perfectionists in providing print to the Entertainment Industry. 

We’re told we’re ‘refreshingly different’. Perhaps that’s because we focus on each individual client, establishing relationships based on respect, understanding and trust. Perhaps it’s because we use state-of-the-art equipment capable of handling the most complex projects. Perhaps it’s because of our technical knowledge that encourages us to take the best from both the traditional and the modern. Perhaps it’s because we respect the environment we live and work within.

We set the benchmark high, to the extent that our clients have come to assume the best because they know we’ll deliver it. Our continued encouragement comes from their enthusiastic feedback – you’ll see plenty of examples throughout the site.

For us, good enough is never good enough.

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We eat, sleep and breathe print… 

it's our business, it's our passion and it's in our blood

With over 28 years’ print experience, and a sense of purpose that determines we run our own business, it’s fair to say we’re totally committed to our work and our clients, providing a truly bespoke service.

‘We put ink on anything…’ sums up what we do; ‘Specialising in producing printed materials of the highest quality and working around the clock for best possible result, regardless of scale, complexity or price’ sums up our attitude towards how we do it. 

Despite huge strides in online communication, Print will always have a critical part to play in ‘telling the story’ – whetting the appetite and creating the magic – both vital in the Entertainment Industry. Print sells seats – and so it has to be brilliant… for the detail on our Print, Design and Direct Mail services,

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Theatreland, it's your world and it's our world… we know it, we understand it and we bring it to life before it hits the stage

Whether it has a cast of hundreds and is destined for the London stage, or it’s a touring monologue due to hit 20 venues, it’ll only succeed if it has an audience. You may well be involved in securing that audience and need professional, reliable support with print – leaflets, posters, programmes, press night invitations etc, some of them complex in design and make-up.

It has to be of the utmost quality to captivate and engage interest, but inevitably produced in the tightest of timeframes – demanding superb technical knowledge.

We’ve been providing expert support to the Theatre and Entertainment Industry for 28 years, working with specialists within theatre companies, producers and advertising and design agencies. We get things done quickly and easily – giving you the essential reassurance you need…

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Reassuring, delivering and caring… 24/7

Overseeing print is probably just one of many tasks on your plate… and, truth be told, it can’t always be your priority. So you need to rely on people who’ve really got it covered.

Technical know-how underpins our service, supported by our tried and tested project management process that keeps everything on track, no matter how complicated, taking the worry away from you.

Things don’t always go to plan; the unforeseen can happen. But our strength and depth of experience in your specialist field mean that we know how and when to use initiative to overcome a challenge, and creativity to secure a fabulous result.

Our clients tell us it’s our unwavering patience, ability to stay calm, ease the process, simplify the complex and go the extra mile, that count for so much. And 24/7? That means you can sleep at night.

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Behind the scenes, in the wings, always going beyond

Hexagon Print is owned and run with passion and pride by Graham and Della Skeates, supported by a team of loyal print experts.

Graham has lived and breathed Print for as long as he can remember and is known industry-wide for a fierce attention to detail and adamant refusal to cut corners. ‘The best way is the only way’ is his mantra. A consummate professional and master technician, Graham has managed just about every print challenge known. He is a true guardian of quality... calm, measured and always considerate. You’re in safe hands with Graham.

Della is the person everybody wants on their case! Working with you from start to finish, she’s a brilliant listener, getting to know you and your needs. Managing the project from start to finish using a tried and tested production process she devised herself, she’s gatekeeper and trouble shooter throughout – so you don’t have to be. With years of experience, and a deep affection for the entertainment industry and its people, Della is, indeed, your professional ‘friend in need’.

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We've set the benchmark high:

good enough is never good enough

That should give anyone considering working for Hexagon Print a clear insight to the prevailing attitude here!

We’re print specialists who love what we do; the more we know, the more we understand, the better we will be.

Our environment is totally dedicated to quality, and to exceeding client expectations, every time… which can be hard to do when setting such a high standard. So, in the main, we employ experts in the field, occasionally taking on a trainee in project management.

Our team is complete at the moment, but keep looking here.

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Accomplished, skilful and adept.

It's the least you should expect


And it is exactly the service you will get from the team at Hexagon Print, from the moment we answer the phone or respond to your email.

Find out how we can help you.

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