Case Study 3

West End and Broadway Production Agency

Replacement wall art of production shots  


What was needed


To replicate close on 100 existing production shots onto a more modern material and smaller in size but maintaining consistency of the material as the previous ones had been printed onto lots of different stuff!  Also maintaining the wow factor impact their current large production shots gave.


Technical requirements

Sourcing a suitable material that would be durable whilst not detracting from the original feel


Unexpected challenges

Most of the images of were pre digital so not readily available in a useable format.  The finished boards had to be delivered over a weekend to an impossible time schedule.


What we did – and how

  • Visited the office and recommended using a solid core board rather than a soft core.

  • Also advised printing directly onto the material using a flat bed scanner which alleviates a mounted poster lifting off which happens over time when mounted (and had been happening previously).

  • Measured the available space to recommend the best size for the individual prints to maximise impact.

  • We suggested various options to get the best end result for reproducing the images that were not available digitally.

  • We coached and guided throughout the whole process as this was very prestigious and had to be right first time.

  • Artwork was supplied in various different formats.

  • Adjustments had to be made to the artwork to make it work without altering the image.

  • The images were drip fed to us so we could print in small batches and deliver each finished batch individually so the client could proceed with the time consuming wall hanging.


Client Feedback

“You smashed it out of the park”


It’s worth bearing in mind…

Using the flat bed scanner we can print directly onto most substrates (as long as it’s flat) including glass, metal, wood, plastics, polystyrene, table tops, the list is endless!

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