A Very Special Brochure

Global Marketing/Advertising Agency – Souvenir Brochure

“We’ve produced many mailers in our time, but this was the most daunting.
Seven days after briefing the Hexagon team, we were blown away…

as was our client.”  


It’s immensely rewarding to get that sort of feedback from an advertising agency – particularly a global organisation of many years’ experience and creative talent!


This limited edition souvenir brochure was to be sent in the post to more than 3,600 individually named recipients. A very complex piece of print, it utilised high quality materials and finishes, with central gatefolds, inserts, a bellyband, a pocket on the inside back cover, and an additional last-minute insert that we had not anticipated!


Understandably weighty, the imposing brochure had to be packaged within a substantial envelope to ensure it arrived in pristine condition, creating the right impression instantly. Even this wasn’t straightforward, requiring a bespoke envelope cutter to compensate for edge and flap capacities.


It was a project that demanded all our years of expertise, knowledge and resulting insight. But it’s that which enables us to think creatively, behave pro-actively and overcome challenges before they become crises, keeping the client with us every step of the way. How? Like this…


  1. Using the client’s artwork, and in one day, we:
    • Produced a made-up book proof;
    • Produced digital proofs of all inserts, bellyband and envelope proofs;
    • Personally delivered all the above to the client;
    • Discussed with the client all potential problems and provided solution options;
    • Provided hi res ripped pdf proofs.

  2. Measured and adjusted page creep, added bleed where needed.

  3. Measured and adjusted bellyband artwork to keep text central and overlaps correctly positioned for eventual gluing.

  4. Printed, laminated and cylinder-creased throughout (to prevent any cracking).

  5. Die cut the brochure to shape.

  6. Made up to incorporate a double glued pocket.

  7. Collated and inserted all inserts by hand.

  8. Carefully positioned the bellyband – also by hand.

  9. Hand-inserted each complete brochure into its envelope.

  10. Hand-delivered a producer copy to the client 48 hours prior to main delivery.


… and all within 7 days. Result!

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