Tour posters and leaflets

West End/Touring Producer – x9 Posters & Leaflets

9 times everything – and each one slightly different!


The fantastic relationships we’ve built over the years really came into play here as we liaised with nine different venues, within a scarily tight timeframe that demanded we give it our all: morning, noon, night – and weekends too!

With a suite of materials including posters of varying sizes and an 8-page gatefold leaflet, all displaying venue-specific details, we had to allow sufficient time to collect detailed and critical information from each, a painstaking task requiring absolute attention to detail and administrative accuracy.


To spice things up still further, the artwork design was complex; lining it up to sit where it should in the gate-fold leaflet was a challenge – and of course the variable information required for the 9 venues was inconsistent in terms of quantity and layout. This demanded careful oversight of the finishing process – if the creases were just millimetres awry, the effect would be disastrous…


Our template project management process came into its own, with the built-in checks and balances ensuring that we got everything right first time, avoiding any hitches. That combined with depth and breadth of print expertise ensured a smooth run through to successful delivery, not to mention sighs of relief all round.


Here’s a summary of what we did:


  1. Liaised with each venue for print content details, quantities and delivery instructions.

  2. Checked and logged all received information; queried where necessary.

  3. Provided quotes with detailed breakdowns of quantity requirements per venue.

  4. Using artwork supplied, incorporated venue-specific information (x9 variants).

  5. Provided a PDF proof of each item to each venue for checking and sign-off.

  6. Provided client with a master hi-res digital proof for DL leaflet and A3 poster (to check colour, content and overprint); also laser proofs of all venue options.

  7. Delivered – in person – advance file copies to the client.

  8. Advised venues on delivery dates and confirmed print order quantities.

  9. Delivered leaflets and posters to each venue.

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